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Keeps Direct Mail - Data Management

When it comes to personalising your data for Direct Mail, ‘Data Management’ is very important and an essential part in the sequence of operations and steps taken in  implementing  successful Direct Mail campaigns.

At Keeps Mailing we offer Data Management services for formatting and list cleaning to ensure deliverability.

To increase the success of your Direct Mail campaign, we urge list owners to ensure addresses have been checked and are valid for the following reasons;

  • Mail addressed to the deceased is the biggest source of complaints received by the Information Commissioner.
  • Protect the strength you have established in your brand and easily avoid any type of mailing errors by having list verified and checked.
  • Unclean and unverified data results 150 million pieces of mail failing to reach their intended destination every year in the UK.
  • 12% of the UK population move house every year.
  • Up to 25% of businesses will have a change of senior staff every year.

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